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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and incredible campaign. the president is judged on the results of the administration. jonathan: as for the trump administration, neurosurgeon ben carson is withdrawing his name for consideration for a cabinet position. dr. carson had been rumored to be leading the incoming administration's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. republicans have vowed to dismantle the affordable care act for years. with the incoming republican president, how likely is a repeal and what should you expect? our chief takes us beyond the podium and he is live at the capitol hill bureau for us. scott: accomplishing anything on day one as president-elect trump promised is a tall order. after all, many of the things can't be done through executive order when we talk about obamacare. it was a law passed by congress. you know very little moves quickly on capitol hill. but that doesn't mean you
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back in 23010, the healthcare -- 2010, the healthcare world changed dramatically. now donald trump wants to use his own ink. >> to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> but clarified on "60 minutes" it doesn't mean throw out the baby with the bath water. those with preexisting conditions could remain covered. >> yes. it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you will keep that. >> also with the children living with their parents for extended period. scott: what is l >> what they replace the current structure with, some of the elements look familiar. >> the american enterprise institute says trump's plan is not terribly different than what speaker paul ryan has been pushing. trump proposed tax deductions for premium instead of mandatory participation and the ability to buy across state lines. any repeals need to be
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should -- my own recommendation is they should not proceed with a chance that replaces a.c.a. until they know it will provide people with the certainty they can get health insurance if they want it. scott: politifacts says trump's plan could cost 20 million, mostly low income to lose coverage and increase cost, abc news reports many are safe at least temporarily. once a plan is bought for the year, insurance has to cover it. >> it hasn't going to be easy. there will be healthcare po matter what is done. >> he says it would behoove the republicans to coordinate and even creed in some areas to -- cede in some areas to democrats crafting changes. there is democrats are less prone to come in an what happens in the first days if they have a change in it.
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interesting. thanks. new evidence of what expected d.c. lost sleep on election night. i'm supposed to say duh after that. data from fit bit shows the d.c. residents lost 50 minutes of sleep election night. that was the worst in the nation. people in virginia and maryland lost 40 minutes of sleep. not a lot considering it went late in the morning. what is unclear is weather the timing of the election or the results were to blame for the lack of sleep. thousands of d.c. high school students to prozests. in the meantime, this everything thousands of students from george washington university protesting outside the white house on pennsylvania avenue. >> he is the president. but the sentiment of the students is if he targets member of our community, goes after one of us he is going after all of us. he has the challenges around the campus, around the country
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against him. jonathan: student protests took place outside of high point high school in capital beltway. senator barbara boxer wants to eliminate the electoral college. bill filed by the democrat would change the presidential election to a popular vote. that would require constitutional amendment which three-quarters of the states would have to approve, which is not likely. right now hillary clinton leads the popular vote by more than 1 million votes. stay on top of response on the website at all you got to do once you are there click on election. tragedy in northeast washington. that is where retired police lieutenant shot his own son to death. this happened overnight. it happened in the family home on woodbridge in northeast washington. d.c. bureau chief sam ford spent all day on the scene.
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a sad domestic incident involving a father and a son. a possible violation of a court ordinary and a shooting death. 63-year-old james holloway a retired d.c. police lieutenant and activist in the woodbridge neighborhood. >> he was the original board chair for the friends of rhode island avenue. >> last night he was taken into custody by police at his home after he carl hallowway. as of news time the father has not been charged. there are court papers from an incident at the home last month when james told police his son pursued him with the right fist. the father was injured. now another incident last night. >> neighbors today said they were stunned.
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family. lake you never imagine this. ever. ever. >> senior holiday is credited creating the rhode island main street of which kyle todd is director. >> i can't imagine what the family is going through. condolences go out to the entire family. >> never heard them fight, fuss, argue. never see them without a smile on their face. you would ne was wrong. sam: police has not released details but there was a previous incident that the court ordered the son to stay away from the father. he was supposed to appeared in court today, this morning in that previous case. a bench warrant was issued for
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to show. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a spike in racist graffiti in a local county. how elected leaders are taking a stand to fight back. >> regardless if he didn't mean whatever my baby is gone. jonathan: the trial does debin for -- begin for a man accused of killing a 3-year-old girl. what he says he meant to do when he fired the deadly shot. car is doing. look at the mess. the driver survived. we will tell you what it is like to be trapped underneath a tractor trailer. that is coming up. doug: clear and unseasonably cold weather and then get ready for the temperature roller coaster. interesting outlook nine
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ke hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. jo a driver somehow got her car trapped underneath a tractor trailer. this was shot by the firefighters. it shows how complicated it was to tear the car apart to get her out. amazingly they did a fantastic job. and her injuries are not even listed as serious. good job! emotional testimony in the murder trial of devon wallace charged with first-degree
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nijab bibb. the 3-year-old died in august 2014 as she hid from gun gunfire. the first witness to testify was the girl's mother. >> you can't really express how you feel, what you want to say. just thinking about the last memory we saw which was her laying there. >> wallace's attorney said he was trying to scare people when he shot into the home. last year another man admitted to helping wallace aft sentenced. >> "7 on your side" with a warning about a scam in prince george's county. this is one we heard about around the country. residents are receiving call for somebody claiming that a family member is kidnapped and demand money for the return. there are a dozen report of the calls in the last month. police say the scammers received money transfers from some of the targeted victim. so be careful on that one. d.c. mayor muriel bowser said
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suicide. death with dignity bill passed after a second reading to send it to the injuria. the bill ail lows adults with six months -- the bill allows adults with six months or less to live to allow assistance from the doctors to die. coming up next at 6:00, a vote against hatred. how a local county is fighting back after a rash of racist and the hateful graffiti. we are in the first taste of snow. wait, did i word? stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill breaks down the chance of flurries or more. it just appeared in the
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jonathan: virginia's former governor has a new job. bob mcdonnell take an job to teach government and policy at university on virginia beach. earlier this year prosecutors dropped all corruption chargers against mcdonnell and his wife. he had been convicted of accepting gifts in favors for businessman but the supreme court flue out the conviction. montgomery county schools the council is taking a symbolic stand against hatred. this is coming after a surge
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county, much centered around donald trump's came pain. kevin lewis is joining us live with what it means. kevin? kevin: well, jonathan, the council passed a unanimous resolution calling for inclusiveness. it conveys the county government world view. >> in the last month someone wrote "trump nation: whites only" on a sign and a wall at a christian church in silver spring. gay couple mocked and assaulted at the green turtle. swastikas appeared on a football field. burning tree elementary school in westland middle schools.
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i have to have conversation with them so they know what it means. >> it covers illegal immigrants. >> i am faced with the choice of losing federal dollars and run a risk to have the citizens treated in undignified way and separated from the families i'd have to lose the dollars. >> well, as it stands nearly one-third of the montgomery county residents were born in another country.
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the mcps students. kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: one-third of the montgomery county residents born in another country. minorities now make up 70% of the mcps students. this is one that will continue. how about those who are going to buy and recve tonight at 11:00 the troubleshooter horace holmes will tell us how to protect ourselves from the big gift card surprise. every year at this time, millions of the dollars stolen. how an arlingtonroom's right to get back what is hers. card cloning and the story you will see tonight at 11:00. a minute ago i said the word
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doug: we could have flurries. you said doug hill said flurries or more. i don't think that's what i said. jonathan: i read it right here. doug: in the mountains. snowshowers. maybe enough to whiten the ground. in the metro area only a few flurries is what we said and expect around the area. this is a time lapse from washington park. drab start to the day. headed through the mid-morning the ski mild, too, with the temperatures reaching in the 60's. one of those days where it was well above average by eight degrees. 66 at reagan national. the average is only 58 degrees. we are going to have a warm-up. it is kind of that roller coaster thing where we will get warm in the end of the week and the bottom falls out saturday and sunday. right now we are at 46 in frederick and manassas, winchester. the temperatures are falling quickly after sunset. we expected that.
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capital. the forecast is clear to partly cloudy. chilly. no doubt about that. not cold enough for frost. 38 to 45 degrees by morning. a light westerly wind at 5 miles per hour. forecast at bus stop is bright and sunny. average temperature is 44. recess time close to 60. may have clouds in the afternoon. 64 degrees by midafternoon. very pleasant day. couple more of those to follow as the temperatures start to check the next three days. tomorrow, 6 of 4 degrees with clouds in -- 64 degrees with clouds in the afternoon. partly to mostly sunny. 64 here on thursday. friday mostly sunny skies and 68. a full ten degrees above average. but it starts to change heading to the weekend. if you have outdoor plans on saturday. most of the morning, mid-day and the mid-afternoon should be fine with the sunshine. temperatures to 65 degrees. when you get to the late afternoon that is when we will
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approach and move through an saturday night and sunday. we will be in a different weather pattern. partly cloudy and windy. there could be snowshowers enough to whiten the ground in spots with a high of only 46. when we get beyond the weekend things stay chilly for a bit. look at the seven day side-by-side. 64 tomorrow and thursday. 68 on friday. saturday, pleasant. 65 fo and the cold front. windy and cold on sunday. cold on monday. slight warmup on tuesday. as we head toward thanksgiving. jonathan: georgetown hosting maryland. erin hawksworth has mar. erin: the hoyas are pulling out all stops to distract the terps.
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erin: we are closing in on tip-off between georgetown and maryland. a great crosstown rivalry between the two teams. rich has been calling games for georgetown for over 40 years. johnny holiday has been doing pretty much the same thing for maryland. i spoke with both of them this afternoon. it was a battle last year.
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time around? >> i expect another battle. maryland, even though they are young they have melo trimble. last year he had a 24-point effort, went to the lines 18 times. they have to control him. >> i think it will be tougher than last year. georgetown is loaded top to bottom. a different john thompson type of team. they like to run and they can shoot. they have deep guys coming off the bench. maryland has a young team. erin: what kind of atmosphere are you expecting tonight? >> home sweet home for the hoyas. this is their home court. they have to get a court advantage. this will be a real factor for the georgetown fans tonight. >> i think there will be more maryland fans than georgetown fans. maryland travels real good in the past with the bbt classic at the verizon center. maryland filled up the place. >> j.t.3 seemed ready. what is your assessment to tonight's game? >> you have to have intensity.
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this, you can't take possessions off and play end to end. maryland is a ball club with trimmable to control the tempo and the offense. give him pressure for 40 minutes. that is why intensity will be. fans are intense. you will be intense. so will i. this is what college basketball is all about. erin: it should be a great game. we will have highlights and reaction tonight at 11:00 on abc7. at the verizon center, erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. jonathan: thanks very much. we are seesaws between the highs and getting chilly, too. doug: cooldown over the weekend. the story in the morning in the upper 30 to the lower 40's under clear skies. tonight at 11:00 steve will talk about the milder temperatures on the way. the cold air. the first flurries of the weekend headed this way. until then is beautiful. 64. sunny 68 friday. jonathan: quite a treat. thank you very much. will do it for us. "world news tonight" with david muir coming your way next. see you at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security abruptly resigns. reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the boy who died in that hot car, her ex-husband guilty on all counts.


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